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Fun facts about Neymar’s career you should know Reviewed by Momizat on . While the match between PSG vs Angers (Round 6 of the French league of Ligue 1 2020/21) is about to take place at 2 o'clock on October 3, Neymar has a calf inju While the match between PSG vs Angers (Round 6 of the French league of Ligue 1 2020/21) is about to take place at 2 o'clock on October 3, Neymar has a calf inju Rating: 0
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Fun facts about Neymar’s career you should know

Fun facts about Neymar’s career you should know

While the match between PSG vs Angers (Round 6 of the French league of Ligue 1 2020/21) is about to take place at 2 o’clock on October 3, Neymar has a calf injury. Neymar again faced a year-end ban from the Ligue 1 organizers when there was evidence denouncing him racism in the last match against Marseille. 

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But his career before moving to the German’s football club was already outstanding, even though he was such a young player at the time. Let’s take a look at some amazing facts about Neymar’s career until 2020. 

#1: Neymar is the most expensive purchase of PSG

In 2013, Neymar caught the attention in the football world with a transfer deal of EUR 57 million. This is a huge amount, and actually very surprising at the time. Neymar’s career before his move to Barcelona wasn’t really astonishing, however, his talent and potential was undeniable. Also, this is just the ninth-most expensive purchase in the history of the Spain football club.

Neymar is PSG’s most expensive transfer deal 

However, things were different when the Brazillian was transferred to PSG. His time playing for Barcelona created one of the most incredible forwarders of all time. This has also been the brightest time in Neymar’s career. That’s why PSG had to pay 222 million euros to have this talent from the Spain football club in 2017. This deal has been the most expensive purchase from PSG so far.

#2: The only club he played for before Barcelona is Santos

Many football fans figure that Neymar developed his skills at the Brazilian club Santos. However, not many of them know that in Neymar’s career before moving to Spain, this is the only club he had ever played for since 2003.

Neymar on his knees celebrating PSG victory

Neymar on his knees celebrating PSG victory



#3: He scored the remarkable 100th goal on his birthday

With his talent, it is not a surprise that there will be more and more amazing moments and figures that he could create in the future. And during Neymar’s career, one of the most memorable moments for him is probably his 100th goal. Neymar hit this milestone when he was celebrating his 20th birthday. That was in the game between Santos and Palmeiras on February 5, 2012. The timing of this goal is incredible. Although a lot of professional players wish to make their birthday more special by scoring, not many of them could do it. At a very young age, this was a surprising and exciting moment for Neymar.

#4: Neymar was looking to join Real Madrid at the age of 14

Little do we know, when Neymar was 14 years old, he went to Spain and did all the tests to join Real Madrid. Although he passed those tests and was ready to sign a contract, Santos made a move to keep him with the club. Neymar had missed a chance to play in Spain, but then he came back. However, this time, he played for Real Madrid’s biggest rival, Barcelona. This is interesting!

#5: He was underestimated for international games

He was overrated for international games

At the beginning of Neymar’s career, he wasn’t selected for the World Cup. In 2010, not only did he already showcase his talents and skills, but also legends and football fans wanted him to play at one of the biggest football tournaments in the world. However, the Brazil national team refused to give him an opportunity. Finally, he was able to wear the Brazil jersey later in 2010 when Mano Menezes became the new manager. In his first game, he scored his first-ever international goal for the team. 

#6: He is the third-highest paid footballer in the world

According to Forbes, Neymar is just behind Lionel Messi (Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) in the list of top highest paid football players in 2020. This is not a surprise as Neymar already became the world’s 7th richest football player in 2012. He was one of the very talented, young and rich footballers at the time. He just turned 28 this year, which means we can still see plenty of new records in Neymar’s career. In addition to his wealth, he is also one of the youngest players to play in the World Cup. His talent at a young age is amazing, isn’t it?

#7: Neymar appeared on the cover of Time Magazine

And with this appearance, he became the only athlete from Brazil to ever be on the cover of this renowned magazine. It is truly an honor for Neymar himself as Brazil is the country that has produced plenty of sports legends. And Neymar is the first and only player so far to get that opportunity.

Neymar became rich thanks to his talent and marketing deals

#8: Many English football clubs were interested in Neymar 

The year 2010 during Neymar’s career is remarkable. He was just a young player who began to shine, but some English clubs were already interested in his skills. The first team was West Ham, followed by Chelsea and then other clubs. We all know that he did not join any of these English football clubs. However, this fact just shows how promising his career could become.

#9: He is one of the most marketable football players

When it comes to Neymar’s career, his professional figures are not enough. Neymar is the king in the marketing field. We are familiar with images of big names like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi in terms of marketing campaigns. But Neymar has beat out all of them to become the most marketable athlete in the world. As a young player, he still needs time to break more records in order to be one of the greatest football players of all time. However, he is already excellent at selling products, being on magazines and TV shows, etc. Any product that he has marketed, it grabs the attention of the crowds immediately. 

#10: Neymar became a father at a very young age

This is right! Neymar not only became an incredible football player at a young age, but he also became a father when he was very young, 19 years old. Until now, he still hasn’t revealed who the mother of his child is.

Despite not being the world’s greatest player, Neymar is still an important figure in the world of football. His talent has been recognized, but it doesn’t mean that his potential and future is limited. Given how young he is, we can always look forward to seeing him breaking more records in the near future.


Neymar new look with long hair

Neymar new look with long hair

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