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Meet Neymar’s potential new girlfriend: Soraja Vucelic

After breaking up with Bruna Marquezine in last August, it didn't seem that Neymar needed a lot of time to grieve over the issue. During his vacations in Ibiza last summer, the Brazilian star has apparently met a Serbian model called Soraja Vucelic and since then, the two have exchanged several messages on Skype. According to the Serbian press, Neymar decided to bring his new conquest closer to him in late ...

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Neymar: “Of course I’m a jealous boyfriend!”

This past Saturday, Neymar had some footage of himself being shown at a very popular TV show in Brazil called "Caldeirão do Huck", broadcasted nationally on through the "Globo" network. In the show, Neymar is seen showing his house in Barcelona to the TV host presenter Luciana Huck and he also reveals a few interesting curiosities on a chat had while driving around the city. Even though we don't know the ex ...

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Neymar and Bruna Marquezine could be back together and dating!

Roughly a couple months ago (back in April of 2014), we reported that Neymar had started dating a 20-year old Brazilian model named Gabriella Lenzi. This has allegedly taken place following the previous break-up between the FC Barcelona star and the Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine, which occurred in earlier this year, in January. However and according to some footage that got to us just a few hours ago a ...

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Neymar’s new girlfriend: Gabriella Lenzi

After the confirmed break-up with his former girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, Neymar seems to have already rebounded from that heart break though and turned his attention to a new Brazilian "hottie" named Gabriella Lenzi. According to several sources in Brazil and Spain, the 20-year old Brazilian woman has recently traveled to Barcelona, even though she is yet to be seen together with Neymar. The two might be d ...

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