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Neymar’s Legacy: Unraveling His Place Among Brazil’s Football Legends

Of all the great football players of the modern era, no one has divided opinion as much as Neymar. The prince who never quite became king. The maverick. The trendsetter. Few have had the charisma and personality of the Brazilian, but injuries and career decisions have prevented him from ever reaching his full potential. Despite 500 career goals across stints at Santos, Barcelona, Paris Saint Germain, and no ...

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Five Moments That Solidified Neymar Legacy

Football as a sport has amassed fans from all over the world and it is thanks to the high-stakes drama paired with fantastic finishes that create the most unforgettable moments in the sport to remember by. Most of these moments have been equally made by some of the most remarkable people to have practiced the sport. From the Beckhams to the Ronaldos, there really is just no shortage of greatness when it com ...

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