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Will Neymar Participate in the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Saudi Arabia?

It’s a huge question for many Neymar Jr. fans if he will participate in the FIFA World Cup in Saudi Arabia in 2026. Much news has been circulating, which we will talk about later, that made fans question his participation in the upcoming Saudi World Cup. It’s normal for Neymar’s fans to worry if they will see their favorite football player in action at the next World Cup or not. That’s why we are here to an ...

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When Will Neymar Start for Al-Hilal

In the world of football, star transfers are always a matter of great anticipation and excitement for fans. One such transfer that had the football world buzzing was Neymar's move to Al-Hilal football team. The Brazilian sensation's arrival at the Saudi Arabian club was met with immense fanfare and expectations. However, as the days turned into weeks, Neymar is yet to make his debut for Al-Hilal. In this ar ...

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